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About Us

Dos Costas is a cooperative of 196 family farmers, located in Boa Esperança, in the south of Minas Gerais. His story begins with the creation in 1989 of the Community Association of Costas, who built a solidary and firm trajectory in defense of small coffee producers, seeking economic and social alternatives, added to public policies for family farms, avoiding the rural exodus ahead the increasing advancement of large coffee farms, using the latest technology, increase unemployment in rural areas and decrease the competitiveness of the small grower.

As defined mission: “Working for sustainable development and welfare of cooperative members and their families, maintaining the continuous improvement of coffee quality,with operations in domestic and international markets.”

In 2008, with certification by FLO / Fairtrade, there was a large growth of the organization, and the establishment of new bases for the production of coffee in the environmental, labor and social development, set by Fair Trade, on a global level, increasing the possibility of setting the family farmer in rural areas. In 2009, 69 producers decided to create the Cooperative that, without losing sight of its mission, could serve coffee market requirements, nationally and internationally.

By purchasing the coffee Dos Costas you are guaranteed to consume quality coffee and collaborate with a production process that respects the preservation of the environment, decent work and social development, bases on sustainable agricultural development.

The result of all this effort is a premium coffee, with extraordinary flavor and taste.